Why does God allow suffering?

Every perspective or world view has to grapple with the question “why suffering?” The Christian view says that the world was created good, and suffering is an outrage. Listen as Amy Orr-Ewing talks about how different faiths deal with this question.

Why did Jesus die?

When people say, “Jesus died for you” what does that actually mean? And what kind of God would send his son to die anyway? Vince Vitale talks about why Jesus’ death is central to the Christian faith and why it’s the most extravagant expression of God’s love for humanity.

God’s not dead

As someone who teaches philosophy at Wycliffe Hall, University of Oxford, Vince Vitale is well placed to know what the top scholarship says about God. Vince shows how in the fields of philosophy and sociology, God is very much alive.


We launched our first ever Youth Apologetics Day in September 2013. Here are some highlights from the day. Don’t miss REBOOT 2014 on 27th September.

Why trust the Bible?

Lots of people think the Bible has been changed, corrupted, or is a conspiracy and that it cannot be trusted. Amy Orr-Ewing explores how we can have confidence in the reliability of the Bible we read today.


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12-18's AT REBOOT 2014

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12-18's AT REBOOT 2013

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Here’s what some people are saying about REBOOT…



“I thought there were some questions that we simply could not answer but I learnt today there we actually can”

– a teenager reflecting on REBOOT2013


“It was my first apologetics and I didn’t even know what it meant. It sounded really dull but it was brilliant”


“In the afternoon my brain stopped so I sat and ate haribos”

“It was nice to go out as a church youth group and all learn together. We had fun and we all learnt some good stuff”
“Lovely people that were funny, smart and they REALLY wanted our questions”
“I txt loads of questions and one of mine was answered!!!”


REBOOT is an opportunity for young people to explore the big questions of life such as ‘Why does God allow suffering?’ ‘How can we know God exists?’ and ‘Hasn’t science disproved God?’

It is run by Ravi Zacharias International Ministries and The Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics and grew out of a desire to create a safe place for 11-18 year olds to voice their concerns, doubts and objections to the Christian faith.

Through events, resources and speaking invitations REBOOT aims to equip young Christians and youth groups by providing answers to some of these big questions. It is also a great place for young people without any faith or church background to raise their objections and investigate different perspectives.

REBOOT is a youth apologetics conference and resource. Apologetics is often a word that is misunderstood, with people assuming it means ‘apologising.’ The word, however, derives its meaning from the Greek apologia, meaning a ‘reasoned defence’.

REBOOT launched its first event in 2013 with more than 400 youth in attendance. REBOOT2014 nearly doubled with over 750 youth filling up St Mary’s, Bryanston Square in London on 27th September.





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If you have any questions regarding REBOOT or if you would like to invite one of our speakers to speak at a youth event or school, please email reboot@rzim.eu. For more information on our speakers visit the RZIM website.

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